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What goes into the bars?


A quick reminder about our ingredients.

The Huda Bar constantly strives to buy organic from local producers and boost local economy, so we can get the best ingredients locally and create relationships with responsible vendors. We aren't interested in contributing to an already bloated, profit driven conglomerate or even being one (not that we're even close, hahaha!).

NO artificial preservatives. NO fillers. NO gimmicky ingredients. NO artificial or added natural or nature identical flavours!
What goes into my family's stomachs, is what goes into yours.

In our endeavour to go organic, here is our list of ingredients that goes into The Huda Bar :

1. Oats from Baggrys (imported from England whole grain and milled in Ludhiana)
2. Jaggery from Pronature - certified organic
3. Honey Organic, not certified. The beekeepers keep bees that harvest from the forest, not drink from bowls of sugar water kept out for them
4.Butter - not organic. Leads to a regular supply of organic butter will be most appreciated.
5. Amonds - Not organic but we're talking to a farm - hopefully in 2018
6. Dates - Not organic, again, talking to a farm. 2018
7. Sunflower seeds - From a co-op in Tamil Nadu, organic but not certified organic
8. Flax seeds - certified organic from Pronature
9. Chia seeds - organic but not certified
10. Ragi Huri Hittu - From Navadarshanam - organic but not certified
11. Peanuts - certified organic from Pronature
12. Peanut butter - certified organic ingredients i.e. peanuts and peanut oil
13. Callebaut Chocolate - Fine quality dark chocolate from Callebaut. Not organic. The search is on.

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