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The Huda Bar: Our Signature Organic Granola Bars

Perfect on-the-go meals for that boost of energy. Great pre/post workout, sport or physical training, for fitness, long travels, bike trails, hikes or treks, ideal for breakfast on the move and also a filling, healthy snack for those midday or midnight cravings. A truly nutritious granola bar, a tasty companion to an active, conscious lifestyle.

Made with organic oats, nuts, dry fruits, seeds and a variety of wonderful ingredients, they come in nine flavours. Refined sugar-free (we use jaggery instead) and packed with nutrition. Our bars are one-of-a-kind, we swear by them. We love vegans and have vegan-friendly bars too. And they come in 100% recyclable packaging. 

Our first and signature product line (healthy, sustainable and organic through and through) we love every single one of these flavours. Our bestselling product, there's really no other granola bar out there like them.

An energy bar for the discerning, conscious buyer. Designed to fit perfectly into our modern, active and evolving lifestyles. #TheHudaBar

*All the bars are Gluten-free except the Rye Oat flavour.


The Huda Bar Guarantee: Nothing else but the ingredients listed. You eat what our friends and family eat. Proudly procured from organic farmers all across India.