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Why buy Organic?

Most of our ingredients are from producers who are Certified Organic or Pesticide-free.
This means they use sustainable agricultural practices to care for their land.  Practices that help keep the soil fertile for generations to come by being in sync with the local ecosystem, in harmony with mother earth. It also means our food is chemical-free - which is great for your body and mind!
Organic farming takes work, care and commitment that is highly undervalued. It also preserves and celebrates traditional knowledge systems. We know most of our farmers and producers personally, we know what practices they employ, and what their ethics are.
When we buy organic/input-free, we support an ecosystem of sustainable producers and the preservation and regeneration of our precious soil (and the surrounding ecosystems).
All while deeply nourishing ourselves through mindfulness of what we put into our body and where it came from.
Our food is made of seasonal and organically grown ingredients. Our teas and honeys are seasonally foraged and grown as well. This is why sometimes you may find certain varieties out of stock for a few months in the year, or new flavours being introduced for limited periods of time. This also contributes to the richness of fragrances, layers of tastes and uniqueness of each batch. This is the delight of eating with the land and nature's cycles!
We buy from local producers, women's co-operatives and small farms around India, to boost the local economy by creating relationships with responsible vendors. We would like the communities we work with to grow with us. We respect the work they do deeply.
NO artificial preservatives or additives
NO fillers or gimmicky ingredients
NO food colouring
NO artificial or added natural or nature identical flavours
– We are very mindful of our organic label.

Our Guarantee: Nothing but the ingredients listed.
You eat what our friends and family eat.