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Raw Honeys

We're big fans of honey that is collected either wild or cultivated by a single beekeeper. Honey is a living, enzyme-rich, precious liquid and we know how important the bees are and all they do for us and the ecosystem. Honey from bees that collect nectar from a definitive, small area is also yummier, because you can really taste the flowers.

All our honeys have been stringently tested for adulteration and freshness. 

🐝  Honeys you can order with us:

1. Rich, warm and slightly spicy Kumaon multi-floral honey from Uttarakhand
2. Pale gold, raw, Kashmiri white honey chock full of flavour and floral notes
3. Sweet, appetising and floral Clover honey
4. And a selection from North Karnataka from two of our favourite beekeepers, whom you can read about more below.

Here's a little more about two of our favourite beekeepers:

Balu is fantastic. He's super gentle with his bees, tiny little Apis Cerana bees in his enormous, sausage fingered hands. He is also very proud of his collections of a variety of honeys. He is also a giant pain in the ass when I want honey, I've to chase him for four solid weeks. The result? Stunning, raw honey reminiscent of the flowers and a hint of resinous pine surrounding his bee boxes up in the lush hills of Malnad. 

Up on a farm in Agumbe, Jassem gets his hands dirty on his farm when he is not playing gigs in Mumbai, Hyderabad or Bangalore. He is a passionate musician and a passionate farmer. The honey he has his people harvest is found in hives in knots of trees or anthills. It is a beautiful, wildcrafted floral honey, and is sure to make your day a whole lot sweeter.


The Huda Bar Guarantee: Nothing else but the ingredients listed - 100% pure Honey. You eat what our friends and family eat. Proudly procured from ethical beekeepers all across India.