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Raw Single Beekeeper Honeys

We're big fans of honey that is collected either wild or cultivated by a single beekeeper. Honey is a living, enzyme-rich, precious liquid and we know how important the bees are and all they do for us and the ecosystem. Honey from bees that collect nectar from a definitive, small area is also yummier, because you can really taste the flowers.

All our honeys have been stringently tested for adulteration and freshness. Our honeys are completely unadulterated, unpasteurised and raw. Each honey is lightly flavoured with a hint of the flowers the bees have foraged their delicious nectar from.

🐝  Honeys you can order with us:

1. Rich, warm and slightly spicy Kumaon multi-floral honey from Uttarakhand
2. Pale gold, raw, Kashmiri white honey chock full of flavour and floral notes
3. Sweet, appetising and floral Clover honey
4. And a selection from North Karnataka from two of our favourite beekeepers, whom you can read more about below.

Here's a little more about two of our favourite beekeepers:

Balu is fantastic. He's super gentle with his bees, tiny little Apis Cerana bees in his enormous, sausage fingered hands. He is also very proud of his collections of a variety of honeys. He is also a giant pain in the ass when I want honey, I've to chase him for four solid weeks. The result? Stunning, raw honey reminiscent of the flowers and a hint of resinous pine surrounding his bee boxes up in the lush hills of Malnad. 

Up on a farm in Agumbe, Jassem gets his hands dirty on his farm when he is not playing gigs in Mumbai, Hyderabad or Bangalore. He is a passionate musician and a passionate farmer. The honey he has his people harvest is found in hives in knots of trees or anthills. It is a beautiful, wildcrafted floral honey, and is sure to make your day a whole lot sweeter.


The Huda Bar Guarantee: Nothing else but the ingredients listed. 100% pure Honey, Raw and Unadulterated. Proudly procured from ethical beekeepers all across India. In 100% recyclable or reusable packaging. You eat what our friends and family eat.