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Raw Single-Beekeeper Honeys

We're big fans of honey that is collected wild or cultivated by single, ethical beekeepers. Honey is a living, enzyme-rich, precious liquid. Honeys from bees that collect nectar from a definitive, small area of flora are also yummier, because you can actually taste a hint of the flowers in the honey! 

Our seasonal honeys have light, underlying aromatic tones and flavours depending on which flowers the bees have been foraging their nectar from. And vary slightly in their consistencies. No two jars are the same. Nothing strong, just a hint of where the honey has come from. Making them all the more delightful to savour and experiment with.

Our honeys are sourced from healthy bees who forage out in nature, across the country. Their beekeepers act more like their guardians and caretakers. 

Completely unadulterated, unpasteurised and raw, all our honeys have been stringently tested for adulteration and freshness.

The Huda Bar Guarantee: Nothing else but the ingredients listed. 100% pure Honey, Raw and Unadulterated. Proudly procured from ethical beekeepers all across India. In 100% recyclable or reusable packaging. You eat what our friends and family eat.