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Over the years we've been fortunate to have a number of leading publications, blogs and news sites feature us, and we are incredibly grateful to have them help chronicle and share our story and journey with you. We've come a good way from 2014 when we started with our signature granola bars.

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Some blogger reviews:
  2. "Each of the Huda Bars are little beauties on their own. The ladies in charge make each of these flavourful nutrient rich bars in fresh batches on order and use organically farmed ingredients. Totally devoid of artificial sugar or sweeteners, they make the perfect pick-me-up-snack." - Divya from Cage your Age
  3. "The bars have a very “home-made” feel to them. They also have a very textured feel to them, like those Chikkis you find in Lonavala. They are, however, not as dry as the Chikkis, so it’s much easier to chew and swallow them without that urge to stick your head under a lake. All in all, it feels like something your mom made for you to eat during school recess, and you end up finishing the whole thing off before second period. Delicious." - AK from