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About us

The Huda Bar was started with the aim to promote healthy eating while you are on the go and has since grown to offer foods and produce for the discerning and health-conscious palette. Since our inception, we’ve upheld our “Eat Right” mantra by ensuring only the best ingredients make it into our food. Our interest lies in growing organically and with people and organisations that share our values. We are deeply committed to organic, ethical and sustainable practices as we grow, while continuing to provide nourishment to body, mind and soul.

Healthy in and out.
Absolutely delicious, nutritious, organic foods.
Ethically sourced and sustainably packaged.
Handmade with utmost love and care.

We are serious about our organic label. Most of our raw ingredients (wherever possible!) are from producers who are Certified Organic. We know our farmers personally, we know what practices they employ, and what their ethics are.

We started in 2014 with our signature one-of-its-kind energy bar: #TheHudaBar (now in nine flavours, four of which are vegan) that is ideal for breakfast, a pre-workout/post-workout meal, as a hiking/travel snack and even as a substitute for your midday cravings.
We have grown over the last six years to offer our much loved Organic Granolas, Raw Wild Honeys, Organic Floral Teas, Organic Nut Butters (Almond, Peanut & Cashew), Nutritious Certified Organic Nuts and Seeds, Dry fruits, Whole bran oats & more.
We also make a range of Fresh Produce - Hummus, Lebanese Toum, Kefir Mustard, Pesto and a gluten-free Nut Seed Loaf as well. And we are constantly adding new products to our menu.

NO artificial preservatives

NO fillers or gimmicky ingredients
NO food colouring
NO artificial or added natural or nature identical flavours
– We are serious about our organic label.

You eat what our friends and family eat.

A lot of our products are Vegan and Gluten-free. And all are healthy for pregnant and lactating mothers.

At THB, we constantly strive to buy organic from local producers, women's co-operatives and small farms, and boost the local economy by creating relationships with responsible vendors. We would like the people and producers we work with to grow with us. You can learn more about our ingredients and practices from our blog, or getting in touch with us.

Thanks for coming along on this journey with us, and taking us along on yours.