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About us

The Huda Bar was started with the aim to promote healthy eating while you are on the go. Since our inception, we’ve upheld our “Eat Right” mantra by ensuring only the best ingredients make it into our granola bars. Our interests lie in growing organically and not giving in to the corporate race to provide bars at exorbitant prices with no nutritional values. What we offer is an energy packed bar that is ideal for breakfast, a pre-workout/ post-workout meal, as a hiking snack/ travel snack and even as a substitute for your midday cravings :D

At the Huda Bar, we constantly strive to buy organic from local producers and boost the local economy by creating relationships with responsible vendors. You can learn more about our ingredients from our blog.

Our products contain NO artificial preservatives, NO fillers, NO food colouring, NO artificial or added natural or nature identical flavours – We are serious about our organic label. What goes into our family’s stomachs is what goes into yours.