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Organic Floral & Herbal Teas

Our very carefully sourced organic tisanes, or floral and herbal teas, are potions for the heart, mind, body and soul. Teas have been known for their medicinal and therapeutic qualities for many centuries. A good brew can make almost any situation just a little easier to handle, and can become beautiful invitations to slow down, rest, gather and exchange life stories or unpack the day.

Did you know? Floral and herbal brews are more accurately known as tisanes. A term for concoctions made from any plant or flower other than your standard tea leaves. 

Tisanes are as much about their fragrance as their taste. A warm aromatic pot truly reminds us of how much beauty there is in the exquisite simplicity of mother nature.


The Huda Bar Guarantee: Proudly procured from organic farmers all across India.