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  1. Why The Huda Bars?
The Huda Bar is unlike your run-of-the-mill energy bar in the market. We concentrate on providing three things – Awesome taste, Incredible India grown Organic ingredients and Recyclable packaging. The quality of our raw materials and the skill of our ladies who make the bars cannot be beat. 
  1. I have dietary restrictions; what can I order from your store?
Please specify your requirements in your order. We’ll do our best to make some amazing bars for you.  Please email us at with your requirements, we'll be happy to customise for you. A minimum of 30 bars are required for all custom orders.
  1. Can the bars be used as a meal replacement?
Yes! This is what our motorcycle traveller friends do! 1 Huda Bar is equivalent to 2 eggs and a slice of toast. Make sure you eat fresh fruit and veg when you can, washed in safe water and peeled, especially when you're traveling.
  1. Are all Huda Bars vegan?
Our bars are wholly vegetarian and contain dairy and honey. We do make a separate line of vegan bars, dairy free, honey free. We substitute organic coconut oil and date syrup. 
  1. What’s the shelf-life of a Huda Bar?
Our bars are artificial preservative free (jaggery and honey act as natural preservatives) so the shelf-life of a bar is limited to 6 to 8 weeks/2 months approx. We have heard our bikers eat the bars after a year and live to tell the tale :)
  1. Do you take custom orders?
Yes. Do contact us directly at for any custom orders. Note: A minimum of 30 bars are required for all custom orders.
  1. How long do you take to deliver?
An order for up to 50 bars will be delivered in 4 working days. We take Saturdays and Sundays off and give our team a two day weekend too. They've got families and they're a lot more productive this way!
  1. What’s with your packaging?
Where do we start? The Huda Bar is committed to sustainable end of life options for our packaging, unlike other food manufacturers. Metallised polyester - which is your biscuit packet or your chips packet or anything with a metallic look and plastic fee is THE WORST thing for our environment, you can only burn it or send it to the landfill. We will never use it. Our packaging is constantly evolving but will always either go into your paper bin/metal bin/recyclable plastic bin for recycling. Ask me more about it at

Don’t see your questions here? Shoot us a mail at and we’ll get back to you with your queries :)