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Bury It or Burn It

Aluminium Foil Packaging

Imagine that you had to live with your trash for the next 30 days. Every packet, bottle, box, wrapper, organic waste, paper, plastic,glass or metal. All packaging, whether you go out or stay in, you must keep in your house for the next 30 days.

What would you do differently?

Packaging has been my nemesis. I've struggled with it enormously, especially when I saw something that wasn't biodegradable or recyclable on the street, in a garbage pile or landfill. Chocolates, biscuits, chips, bars, mixtures - almost all ready to eat, mass manufactured foods use metal fused to plastic packaging. I don't want that for The Huda Bar.

Metal fused to plastic - a metallic looking plastic material - is unsustainable and the *cheapest* way to package food for supermarket shelves. There are only two ways to get rid of it - bury it or burn it. Even plain old plastic can be recycled. Plain metal like aluminium cans, containers and foil saves 95% energy when recycled instead of being produced from ore. 70% of aluminium produced in India is recycled constantly.

This means, you will continue to see The Huda Bars wrapped in greaseproof paper or in the new Adventurer version with premium aluminium foil wrapping. In plain re-useable ziplock bags. And maybe not on store shelves any time soon.


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