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The Huda Bar

All the Bars! Pack of 9 Flavours

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Our family pack of all 9 bars. The Huda Bars are our signature and bestselling product, always. The perfect food to fuel your body and adventures, and keep you going as you achieve your goals. In nine delicious and nutrient-rich variants, each bar is packed with organic wholesome energy and flavour. You can check out our blog for more information on the base ingredients that go into all our bars.

*All our bars are gluten-free, except the Rye Oat flavour.

Each pack of all the bars will contain:

  • A Classic Bar
  • An Extra Honey Bar
  • A Peanut Butter Bar
  • Two Chocolate Bars
  • A Chia Date Bar
  • A Rye Oat Bar
  • A Vegan Classic Bar
  • A Vegan Peanut Butter Bar

Two of these sets makes a nice monthly subscription. (You can eat one bar over two days as well. Each bar comes in two pre-cut halves within the box.)

Don't want the full bars? Order the pack of 9 mini-bars instead.


The Huda Bar Guarantee • Great taste • Nothing but the ingredients listed • Proudly procured from organic farmers all across India • Completely reusable or 100% recyclable food grade packaging • You eat what our friends and family eat.

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