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THB x Survival of the Fittest: Get a free class with an expert!

Looking for an amazing new class to join? Or want to gift one to a friend? Maybe you're looking for a consult about your fitness and recovery goals?

Order above Rs. 2,000 and get a free class with a professional trainer in martial arts like Muay Thai or kick-boxing, yoga, calisthenics, functional training and other deep and beautiful physical practices. 
Since diet is as or even more important than exercise, it made sense for us to collaborate with Survival of the Fittest, a Bangalore-based holistic health and fitness collective of teachers and experts to offer you, our customers, a chance to try their classes and experience their expertise for free. They're early THB customers as well, and swear by our mantra of good clean food, great ingredients, no preservatives and no artificial additives.
They specialise in personalised training programmes, and cater to all body-types and ages. They also offer some lovely group classes. 

Here's how you can benefit from the offer:
  1. Try a free class - Online or offline (in-person classes in Bangalore only)
  2. Get a basic exercise plan/program based on your goals/diet
  3. Just choose to have a chat/free consultation - Ask questions and learn about tips, myths, information/knowledge related to Martial Arts, Yoga and Fitness
All customised as per your individuals needs.

SOTF can offer a free class in:
  1. Martial Arts: Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Self-Preservation Techniques
  2. Recovery practices: Hatha Yoga, Meditation
  3. Fitness: Calisthenics, Functional and Strength Training, Sports fitness programmes
Terms & Conditions:
- Offer valid on the first order only.
- You can book your class any time in the next three months.
- After placing your order you will receive a message with a simple code and the whatsapp number you can reach out to. Tell Vivek (the co-founder) your code, and book your class. Done.
- Offer valid until Sep 30, 2021

Offline locations in Bangalore are: Richmond town and Indiranagar
Offline classes will be scheduled only after taking into careful consideration the prevailing covid situation.