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Monthly Subscription Plans (Outside Bangalore)

Your monthly orders of bars, nutjobs, cereals and other organic essentials made easy! Subscribe once, and have your regular supply at your doorstep without fail every month. With 10% off MRP + free shipping over Rs 3,500. Enjoy!
We ship pan-India.

Plans are renewed automatically every month, on the date of first billing. Your subscription will be delivered within seven days of the date of billing, once every month.

Dear people of the Hud. Due to the recent RBI mandate, recurring payments through cards are being temporarily disabled from 01 Apr 2021. To avail your subscription please do select the 'Bank Transfer', 'Wallet' or 'UPI' option as payment method. You can use your credit/debit card to add money in your wallet and then use it to pay. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. If you still have trouble paying through the link do contact Brian: +91 99722 24774 /