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Hot Chocolate Mix
The Huda Bar

Hot Chocolate Mix

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Our rich, dark hot chocolate mix, ready-to-go. We're huge fans of chocolate here at The Huda Bar, and we love a good thick hot chocolate that's not too sweet or too dark. So we thought, let's make our own - that's just right. Put about two spoonfuls in a hot cup of milk or nut mylk (add a little cream - optional), brown sugar or jaggery to taste (works without as well), stir up nicely, and you've got yourself a chocolatey treat for the senses.

Dark cocoa powder
& Vanilla bean extract
That's it.

Available in jars of 100ml (makes 6cups) or 250ml (makes 16 cups). In just a few minutes your warm cuppa chocolate awaits.


The Huda Bar Guarantee: Nothing but the ingredients listed. You eat what our friends and family eat. Proudly procured from organic farmers all across India.

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