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The Huda Bar

Gift Hampers & Care Packages

Regular price Rs. 850.00

Gift hampers & 

Care packages in beautiful, upcycled packaging, each handmade by an artist. Our gift boxes are very sturdy and completely reusable, so they can be used by someone for long after, in many different ways. Lots of love, some colour, and our healthy, sustainable and organic food. Boxes and bundles of delicious, wholesome goodness.

Please select the NUMBER of the package you'd like from the drop-down:

  1. Little Box of Joy: 1*Tea, 1*Honey, 1*Huda Bar, 1*bag of Granola - Rs. 850
  2. Three's Company: 2*Teas, 2*Honeys, 2*Bars - Rs. 850
  3. The Huda Bar Organic Energy Box - for all our active and adventurous friends and family:10 Huda Bars (all the flavors!) ready to gift - Rs 1,200
  4. Three times the Love Box: 3*Teas, 3*Honeys, 3*Bars - Rs. 1,350
  5. All-Organic Breakfast Box: 2*Teas, 1*Honey,1*Flax seeds,1*Chia seeds, 1*Roasted almonds, 1*delicious bag of Granola - Rs. 1,500
  6. Taste of the Middle-East (Made Fresh!): Nut seed bread & 1 Jar of fresh Hummus and 1*fresh Toum - Rs. 1,650
  7. Big Box of Joy: 3*Teas, 3*Honeys, 4*Huda Bars, 1*bag of Granola (250gms) - Rs. 2,000
  8. Sunday Brunch Spread: 2*Teas, 2*Honeys, 2*Huda Bars, 2*Granola bags, 1* fresh Hummus,1*Toum (250ml) - Rs. 2,500

                  If you have special requests like adding flowers or plants to your order, we can help you with that too and add them to your packages. Please contact our head of customer service, Brian at +91 99722 24774. 

                  We customise as well. For budget or palette.
                  - We can do custom printing / co-branding
                  - We can do 100% Vegan or gluten-free hampers.
                  - We also take bulk orders.
                  Email or whatsapp +91

                  99722 24774. 

                  Hampers are delivered usually within 4-5 working days of your order, within Bangalore. If ordering from outside Bangalore, delivery can take up to 5-7 working days.


                  The Huda Bar Guarantee: Nothing else but the ingredients listed. You eat what our friends and family eat. Proudly procured from organic farmers all across India.

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