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The Huda Bar

Three Little Honeys (50gm, Set of 3 flavours of Raw Honey)

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Three or six small jars of pure, raw honey. A selection from our six variants - Ajwain, Kashmiri White, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Kumaon Multi-floral or Clover. Our honeys are sourced from healthy bees who forage out in nature. Their beekeepers act more like their guardians and caretakers than anything else. Each honey is lightly flavoured with a hint of the flowers the bees have foraged their nectar from.

Delight your taste buds to a tasting set of our raw, luscious honeys. Three different flavours to go with your teas, desserts, breakfasts, roasts or salads. (Also, a great gift!)

Each specially designed and 100% recyclable box comes packed with three 50gm jars.

Proudly procured from ethical, single beekeeper sources we know personally. Raw and unadulterated.

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