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The Huda Bar

Pack of 5 Extra Honey Bars

Regular price Rs. 400.00

So some big babies (who will not be mentioned by name) clamoured for more. This bar came into existence because some friends and motorcycle travellers wanted a sweeter, chewier and moister bar. So we poured in some extra honey and called it the extra honey bar. This one is useful for an instant boost of extra energy because of the larger amount of simple sugars from the honey.
Our honey comes from a single beekeeper who we have a great relationship with. He’s an amazing gentleman who travels the country educating people about bees and teaching livelihood skills regarding beekeeping to underprivileged folks.

We will gladly take back our packaging. Please, if you are in Bangalore, give us a call to coordinate pick up of our packaging or bring it by. What we cannot reuse or sterilise (like our glass jars), we will recycle responsibly. We do not want anything from THB to enter the landfill. 


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