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Price Increase Update - August 2018

We at THB have to increase our prices and we need your support doing this. Our raw material costs have increased about 30-40% since 2015. Our prices have remained the same since 2015 and we now need to increase them or shut shop.

Our organic products have been priced well below anything comparable, even products that have just one or two organic ingredients, primarily because we believe that organic should be the default option, not the premium. We’ll always price reasonably.

GST, in the 2nd highest bracket for our organic ready-to-eat food, has whittled away our margins to nothing - we're being taxed heavily for making a superior product (seeds and nuts at 12%, chocolate at 18%). We need to be sustainable and will not compromise on quality or on our commitment to zero waste.

Here is what will change in August 2018 :

All the granola bars will be one standard rate - Rs. 80 per bar. This is inclusive of the18% GST - no additional taxes will be levied. We hope to maintain this rate for the next financial year.

We will offer squares of 20-25 gms each as well as the regular 40-45 gm bar - for those who just want a quick, filling snack instead of a full meal replacement.

We will offer vegan Keto bars of almond butter/peanut butter with a coating of 100% organic chocolate from Mason & Co - dairy free, gluten free and 100% sugar free, great for our diabetic clients as well. We also offer keto bars made with a more palatable 75% chocolate - we love the work that Mason & Co does and want to be part of their growth.

In addition to our vegan offerings, we will have a vegan chocolate bar as well.

We’ve tied up with our migratory beekeeper (who looks like a very troubled Clive Owen) to provide us with raw monofloral and multifloral honey - again, the best India has to offer.

We’re a travel food company and will now support people that want to go camping! Along with bars, dehydrated dals, dehydrated savoury meals etc will be made specially on request - just add hot water and/or a few veggies and you’re set to camp in stunning, remote places - soak in the beauty that India has to offer. Please email me at for more details.

We are working on a subscription based model to offer our regular, existing customers - as a sincere thank you for supporting us so far.


Let us know what you need from us in return. We’ll do our best to deliver.

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